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The MIRA Newsletter

The MIRA newsletter is a quarterly publication sent to members of the Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy. We are pleased to offer full-text versions of the most recent issues as well as archives of past issues.

Fall 2017, [pdf]
Reimagining the Eclipse of 2017- How does science fiction pseudo-gravity work? - Seventeen years of Summer Interns at MIRA - Cassini mission ends - My first eclipse - More interns from the summer of 2017 - MIRA Astronomy Club at Glacier Point Star Party

Summer 2017, [pdf]
Why is the eclipse shadow oval on the Earth? -
Eclipse Matters - The Foucault Pendulum Reconsidered - The most famous pendulum - Progress on Mechelle

Spring 2017, [pdf]
Total Solar Eclipse 2017!
Preparing for the Eclipse - Nuts and Bolts about Solar Eclipses - MIRA Telescopes on Loan - Talks & Summer Tours

Winter 2016, exterior color pages, [pdf]
Soberanes Fire at the Oliver Oberving Station great pictures by Caretaker Chris Reed

Winter 2016, interior b&w pages, [pdf]
Color! - 2017 Eclipse Events - Fire Cleanup -

Fall 2016 [pdf]
Stars over Yosemite with the MIRA Astronomy Club - New Computing Power at MIRA - Scenes from the Interns' Summer of 2016 - The Soberanes Fire (unfortunately only part I as it turned out)

Summer 2016 [pdf, 127k]
An Interview with MIRA's Dr. Russell Walker - Infrared Pioneer -- Dr. Whitney Shane: On the most exciting astronomical discovery of 2016
- Summer Solstice Friends Membership Re-up Time

Spring 2016 [pdf, 143k]
Where do I find....? - Why is there a leap day? - Contributers for 2016

Winter 2015 [pdf, 153k]
Solar Halo on the Monterey Peninsula - Rosetta Mission at Perihelion- Mechelle's Progress - A Scientific Breakthrough by MIRA Interns

Fall 2015 [pdf, 181k]
Friends Night at the OOS - Amateurs at Yosemite - Sean Flavin - Backyard Astronomy (Capturing a Meteor) - New Picnic Area at the OOS - Join the MIRA Adventure - Q&A: The Astronomical Dynasty of the Struve Family

Summer 2015 [pdf, 195k]
Summer Interns- James Neeland- The Baches Echelle Spectrograph - Scientific Modeling III: Gods and Demons- Chartwell School Thank-You

Spring 2015 [pdf, 335k]
Sharing Meteors- Finding astronomical tables for the Central Coast on the MIRA website - Scientific Modeling II: Astronomers Believe in Flat Stars? - IRS apology to MIRA

Winter 2014 [pdf, 335k]
Why did the ancients think the Earth was flat? - Philae Reports and Takes a Nap - Modeling: A Modern Scientific Method - A Lick Observatory Update

Fall 2014 [pdf, 188k]
Why is the Distance between the Earth and the Moon Increasing? - Intern Season Comes to an End - Rosetta: Around the Sun with Comet 67P/Churyumov-GerasimenkoA Lick Observatory Update

Summer 2014 [pdf, 176k]
Tracking Satellites: An Observational Astronomer's Guide - MIRA's Intern Class of 2014

Spring 2014 [pdf, 143k]
Big Data at MIRA - MIRA Astronomy Club - The Sad Tale of Professional Astronomer Telescope Envy - Letter to Science Magazine: Small Telescopes, Big Rewards

Winter 2013 [pdf, 169k]
Comet ISO - Asteroid 243526 Russwalker - Science Fairs and Science Buddies: Where Scientists Start - George Herbig (1920-2013) and the Objects of Joy - Q&A: Where is the Center of the Universe?

Fall 2013 [pdf, 195k]
Backyard Astrophotography - News From WISE - 36-inch Telescope Control Computer Failure - Scenes from a Busy Summer 2013

Summer 2013 [pdf, 198k]
M16, the Eagle Nebula - MIRA's Amateur Club Revives - Astronomy Picture of the Day - MIRA and Comet Trails of Debris

Spring 2013[pdf, 104k]
Decoding the Mysteries of the Universe - Q&A: Elevations on Mars - Donors - The Equation of Time (or Why isn't the shortest day the earliest sunset?) - Near-Earth Objects

Winter 2012 [pdf, 176k]
Forty Years of Research and Education at MIRA

Fall 2012 [pdf, 170k]
The Awakening of a MIRA Treasure - Friends Night at the OOS - Lunchtime at MIRA

Summer 2012 [pdf, 129k]
MIRA's transit of Venus event: a great success - Observing te Sun Safely with Pinhole Projection - How do you know dark matter and dark energy exist if you can't see them?

Spring 2012 [pdf, 126k]
Iced-up antenna at the OOS - MIRA's 40th Anniversity - Electrical Work at OOS - 2011 Donors - Transit of Venus: Scaling the Universe (& famous clouded-out story) -

Winter 2011 [pdf, 168k]
End of an Era: Atlantis re-enters the Earth's Atmosphere - After the Party -
Moon Walk July 20 - Internet Astronomy II. Online Research Opportunities

Fall 2011 [pdf, 184k]
Hamming Astronomy Center Buildout Complete! - MIRA
Interns - Internet Astronomy I. Online Learning Resources - High Bay Buildout

Summer 2011 [pdf, 212k]
OOS road repair - Science Buddies Award
- Endowing the Kai Woehler Lecture - High Bay Buildout Nears Completion - 2011 Interns arrive - New Board Members - Chapman Foundation Challenge Grant - Nicolas Cage cites MIRA research

Spring 2011 [pdf, 142k]
Hamming Astronomy Center Transformation Begins - Jeff's Law?

Winter 2010 [pdf, 149k]
Excellent Winter Eclipse? - WISE gets hot - Building Mechelle part I: the Empty Optical Bench

Fall 2010 [pdf, 138k]
OOS Wind turbine installed - Space Adventure Camp at MIRA - Obituaries for Wanda Hamming and Patricia Compton

Summer 2010 [pdf, 173k]
Spectacular images from WISE- Why Astronomy? - Summer 2010 interns

Spring 2010 [pdf, 147k]
MIRA in Space! - Claas Shane retires - Obituary for Herbert Hoover III - WISE launch and first results

Winter 2009 [pdf, 158k]
A million stars - Frugality in Current Times at MIRA - A daytime star?- 2012?

Fall 2009 [pdf, 176k]
China Eclipse - Summer 2009 at MIRA - Planetary Nebula 'Shane 1' - Monterey Fireball .

Summer 2009 [pdf, 121k]
Dr. Russell Walker in a Bunny Suit (WISE Satellite) - What do you like about astronomy? - Students at MIRA - Imaging Extra-Solar Planets .

Spring 2009 [pdf, 182k]
Weaver Student Observatory back in Buisiness - 2008 Donor LIst - Distant light pollution from L.A.

Winter 2008 [pdf, 179k]
Orion Nebula From OOS - Rebuilding after the basin Complex Fire - How big is the Universe? - The remediation of light.

Fall 2008 [pdf, 244k]
Basin Fire Complex Attacks the Bernard M. Oliver Observing Station - Full pictures layout - Notes from the Summer intern.

Summer 2008 [pdf, 125k]
Fire surrounds the MIRA Observing Station - Calculating inocular field of view -'Roots of Life on Mars' Lecture - Refurbishing the Weaver Student Observatory - Docents for the Weaver Student Observatory

Spring 2008 [pdf, 104k]
The danger of Comet Holmes - 2007 Donor list - The return of Smith's Cloud - Exploding stars: two amazing decades of research after SN 1987A

Winter 2007 [pdf, 168k]
MIRA observations of the amazing Comet Holmes - Student research at the Oliver Observing Station - Pleione - Dark Matter: The Other Universe - Sunset at the north pole: is it real?

Fall 2007 [pdf, 185k]
Perseid Meteor Shower Star Party at the Oliver Observing Station - Just one bright star and astronomical marriage arrangements Questions - AT&T Pebble Beach Charities grant for the Hamming Astronomy Center

Summer 2007 [pdf, 113k]
Optical design of MIRA High-Resolution Spectrograph - Blue moons and shooting star Questions - TABASGO Challenge Grant for the Hamming Astronomy Center

Spring 2007 [pdf, 114k]
Whither Pluto: A Third Opinion - Winter Solstice Questions - Supernova 1987A - 2005 Donor List

Winter 2006 [pdf, 120k]
MIRA confirmed to go to space! - Why can we see Mars? - Education docents needed at MIRA

Fall 2006 [pdf, 300k]
MIRA telescope silhouetted against the summer Milky Way - Questions on cosmology - The Pluto Controversy

Summer 2006 [pdf, 300k]
MIRA Receives Two New Grants - Deep Impact Publication Information - MIRA Docent Tom Lougheed Moves On - Q&A: Which way do the planets move around the Sun?

Spring 2006 [pdf, 320k]
The MIRA Eclipse Cruise - 2005 Donor List