The Sun and Moon for 2016 for the MIRA Oliver Observing Station

The tabulated values will work well for all of the Central Coast.  Note that times are either Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Terrestrial Time. TT time, Terrestrial Time, is UT1 (Universal Time) plus about 1 minute due to irregularities in the earth's rotation. UT1 time is PST plus 8 hours.

For daylight savings time, add one hour to the zone value in a table

To convert from TT time to PST, subtract 8 hours and 64 seconds. From TT to PDT, subtract 7 hours and 64 seconds.


Sunrise, sunset, and astronomical twilight

Moon rise, transit, and set

Moon Phases

Moon right ascension, declination, and distance

Sidereal time

Julian date

Vega rise and set

Bright Stars rise and set

Planets (weekly)

Planets (daily)