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Exploring the Universe

MIRA's Field Trips to the Stars is divided into multiple sections that can be viewed independently and in any order. Within the the FTS there are two kinds of links: those in blue will act as normal links that connect one page to another, and those in red, which are glossary links. Hovering your cursor over them will provide a short description and clicking on them will open the full glossary in a new window.

What is Science and Astronomy? - Occam's Razor - A Brief History of Astronomy - Telescopes
Waves - What is Light? - Atoms and Spectra

The Night Sky
The Annual Calendar

Our Solar System
The Sun - Mercury - Venus - Earth - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto
Asteroids - Comets - Meteors - The Kuiper Belt - Solar Eclipses

Nebulae in our Galaxy

A Universe of Stars


Quasars and Gravitational Lenses




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